Hearth & Home Rugs - Handmade with Custom Orders Available! – Elkton, Kentucky

About Us

Its founder, Todd Dillingham, established Hearth & Home Rugs in 1995. With the help from his close friend Helen Jones, they began to preserve the historic art form of the handmade braided rug. The first rugs were created in a room of Helen’s home.


A room that had been crafted by her husband so that friends could visit, sing, and play music. From these beginnings, it has been dedicated employees like Helen Jones that allowed Hearth & Home Rugs to expand in 4000 square foot complex. The new complex houses corporate offices, showrooms, and production facilities.


In honor of the historic tradition of braided rug making, Hearth & Home Rugs celebrates our employees and craftsmen that work together to ensure the absolute quality of the braided rug that will adorn your home.


We also celebrate Helen Jones. Helen believed when others might not have. We all most graciously appreciate her dedication to Hearth & Home Rugs and the service that she provides to our organization.